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The robotics club is starting up and events will begin soon. If you are interested, please see the info below. Do not delay, space might be limited in the robotics club. Meetings times and dates are still being determined. Please start the process below and Mr. Hood will follow up accordingly.

Please email responses to numbers 1-4 to Mr. Hood at hoodcj@pwcs.ed and then follow-up with number 5 once you have had time to obtain a teacher reference. This email should come from the student's email - not the parent's.
1 - Name (first and last)
2 - Grade Level

3 - Do you have any experience with robotics and/or programming?

4 - Write at least one paragraph explaining why you want to join the robotics team and what being part of a team means to you.

5- At least one teacher reference (can be from a previous school)

Applications are due to Mr. Hood by Tuesday, September 21 at noon.


Additional emails can be sent to Mr. Hood at

Check out this year's competition video - HERE