Mustang Ambassadors

Welcome to Ronald Reagan Middle School Mustang Ambassador homepage!

Would you like to be a Mustang Ambassador? 

A Mustang Ambassador is a student leader that demonstrates responsibility and respect whenever possible. We expect YOU to set the tone for how we want others in our school to act.  What does this mean?  What is expected of you? 

Ambassadors are RESPECTFUL:  Looks out for others, conscious of those around them, patient, on time to class, keep hands, feet, and belongings to self, cleans up after self and assists the custodian if possible 

Ambassadors are RESPONSIBLE:  Keeps track of belongings, Keeps moving directly to locker or next class, Asks for help when needed to move away from conflict or distraction, Only exits upon dismissal or with an epass

Examples of Mustang Ambassador Activities: 

  • Assisting students who are new to Reagan with learning how to read schedules, understand procedures, make friends 
  • Assisting to host various projects such as Red Ribbon Week, the Mustang Giving Tree, and Pennies for Patients (raising funds to donate to cancer research) 
  • Creating posters to encourage student support of Random Acts of Kindness Week; Red Ribbon Week; Teacher Appreciation Week; and more 
  • Assisting with Rising 6th grade Transition Activities  

Please understand: 

  • Mrs. Covell-Sharek WILL be checking grades at Interim/End of Quarter.  Keep in mind if you’ve failed one or more subjects and/or you’ve received two or more U’s in conduct/work habits you will be placed on Academic Ambassador Probation (no participation in activities until the next Interim/Grading period if improvement is shown). 
  • Mrs. Covell-Sharek WILL be receiving copies of behavior referrals and is informed of any and all bullying and cyber-bullying situations.  If you happen to become involved in any of these situations, Mrs. Covell-Sharek will meet with you to discuss repercussions on a case-by-case basis.  Your parent will be notified of these meetings (if they should happen). 


Applications have been sent to those students who have expressed an interest in Mustang Ambassadors.  If you are interested in joining the Mustang Ambassadors or would like to obtain more information, please email the club sponsor, Mrs. Covell-Sharek, at