Cooking and Sewing Club

cooking and sewing club


What is Cooking & Sewing Club?

Cooking & Sewing Club is and extension of Family and Consumer Science (FACS) class. Students get together to learn more in-depth cooking and sewing techniques beyond what is taught in the main curriculum.

What Happens at Cooking & Sewing Club Meetings?

During Cooking & Sewing Club, students spend time reviewing kitchen safety, kitchen sanitation, learning about ingredients, reading recipes, preparing recipes, using kitchen appliances, time management, and assembling a project using a sewing pattern, sewing notions, and sewing machine.

When Does Cooking & Sewing Club Meet?

Cooking and Sewing Club meets every Thursday after school during 1st semester. There will be a waiting list for an opportunity to join the 2nd Semester Cooking & Sewing Club as well.

What Does Cooking & Sewing Club Cost?

Cooking and Sewing Club requires ingredients and sewing supplies. We learn lots of fun life skills through hands-on projects. There is a $50 supply fee per student. If you cannot afford the supply fee up front, please let me know.

---If you are interested in joining Cooking & Sewing Club or would like to obtain more information, please email the club sponsor, Mrs. Prediger at