Technology Tools and Tips

Prince William County Public Schools provides a variety of tools to help increase communication between teachers, students, and parents.  

Canvas Parent

Parents may sign up for an Observer role in Canvas, our learning content management system.  With this role, parents and guardians can view their child's courses in Canvas.  Observers cannot submit work for the children they observe, but they can see course announcements, course content, and assignments.

  • Gettings Started - Pairing

To become an observer, you will first need to obtain a Pairing Code from your student.  To find the pairing code, the student will need to log in to Canvas, click on Account on the top left, then settings.  Off to the right you should see an option to pair with Observer.  Click on that to get the code!

Once you have the pairing code, you can sign up for your account here.  If you already created your account without the pairing code, you can add it by signing in, clicking on account, then observing and enter the code there.
  • Canvas Parent - Next Steps

Once you pair with your student's account, you will then be able to see all of your student's courses on your dashboard.  From here, you may view content from each specific course.  In each course, you will find announcements, a syllabus, and modules that contain notes, assignments, and submissions.

Reminder - Student grades should be accessed through ParentVUE, not Canvas.  Report Card grades are pulled from ParentVUE, not Canvas.

Notifications - Canvas notifications can get overwhelming.  To adjust your settings, go to Account, Settings, Notifications.  From here, you can personalize the type and frequency of the notifications that you receive.  

  • Canvas Parent Mobile App

There is a Canvas Parent Mobile App available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.  While it may sound convenient, the mobile app is very limited in content.  For full access from mobile devices, please go through your browser or use a computer.  

If you sign in and your mobile app automatically opens, go back to the sign in screen, click on the aA in the address bar, and click on 'Request Desktop Website.'

Additional Canvas information can be found here.

To go to Canvas, click here.




Upon registration and providing a valid email address, you will recieve a ParentVUE Activation email from  With the information from that email, you will be able to set up your ParentVUE account.

From ParentVUE, you can...

  • Review messages
  • Report absences
  • Review grades - assignments that impact overall averages are shown here
  • Access your student's schedule
  • Review and complete PWCS documents

The ParentVUE mobile app is useful and convenient and available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Additional ParentVUE information can be found here.

To go to ParentVUE, click here.


School Status

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, and with family engagement and communication as core aspects of our Division's strategic plan, communication from the division and school is shifting to a new communication platform called School Status.  This tool allows for two-way communication with automatic translation, including through text message.  

In order to ensure accurate delivery of messages, please make sure that phone numbers and email addresses are up to date in Parent VUE.