Reagan Middle School

School Supplies List 2022-23

2022-23 School Supplies List for grades 6,7, and 8.


Student Laptops

Student laptops will be distributed to each student the first day of school. Please make sure to finish your first day packet online before the first day through ParentVUE.  

Students will also benefit from having a set of headphones that are compatible with their school laptop.

Availability of optional device insurance

  1. Parents/guardians have the option to purchase low-cost student device insurance through the PWCS-approved third-party vendor, Securranty. This optional insurance opportunity will be shared with PWCS parents/guardians by the Communications Department once school begins. View the flyers provided below to assist in sharing this opportunity with your families.
  2. Parents/guardians will sign up on their own with the following information:
    • a. School name
    • b. Student last name, first name
    • c. Student ID number
    • d. Debit/credit card information
  3. If purchased, the insurance covers unlimited repairs or replacements for everything from broken screens, lost chargers, and accidental damage, with a zero deductible for one year on a school-issued HP device. The insurance cost is $32.95, which may be significantly less than repair or replacement costs without insurance.
  4. TSSPECs at each school location will be trained in accessing the insurance website specific to each school to see the families who have paid for the insurance, how to file a claim, and how to contact Daly for a repair and/or replacement.