To all our Reagan Signet families –

**Ongoing Learning Activities for Signet Students**

All our Signet students have access to their Signet Microsoft OneNote Notebook and the Reagan Signet Centers OneNote Notebook from any device at home.  There is no homework assigned from Signet class – our students complete all their work and research in the classroom.  However, students may feel free to complete any center of their choosing at home.  In the Reagan Signet Centers OneNote Notebook there are hundreds of puzzles and brain games to help stem boredom.  You can remind your child to look at the section “Puzzles for Between Centers.” They also have several online Breakout puzzles in their Notebooks.  Check out our website pages for some other websites and fun activities.  I’m happy to add more to the Notebook should we miss school for an extended length of time.

If students should complete a center, the Microsoft Center Reflection Form remains open.  We will continue to monitor the submitted forms and leave feedback for those students that submit reflections.

Please feel free to email should you require any additional resources or if we can be of any further help to you. 


Elizabeth Thompson, Gifted Resource Teacher –

Jessica Silveri, Gifted Resource Teacher -

Jennifer Burrell, Gifted Resource Assistant Teacher –




Personal Message

I love to inspire students to love math, technology and science in fun ways.  Have you ever made a Hexaflexagon?  Which weighs more:  a pound of feathers or a pound of bricks?  How fast can you type?  Do you code?  Can we really go to Mars?  Can you 3D print a hamster?  How do you wash your hair on the space station?  Keep asking questions.  Find what inspires you.  Discover your passions.  Now - go and get busy!


The SIGNET classroom is well equipped with most materials students will need. The one requirement is that students bring their agenda to class each day. We do not have outside assignments or homework but the students need an agenda for a hall pass.

SIGNET class schedule:
8:31-9:21 - planning
9:24-10:50 - 8th grade SIGNET
10:53-11:15 - planning
11:19-12:00 - 7th grade SIGNET
12:02-12:41 - 7th grade SIGNET
12:46-1:11 - lunch
1:27-2:09 - 6th grade SIGNET
2:11-2:55 - 6th grade SIGNET

For additional information, please see our class syllabus and list of centers. 
RRMS Signet Course Syllabus 2019-20.docx
SIGNET List of Centers.docx

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The Prince William County Gifted Education Program began in 1976, and is referred to as SIGNET, an acronym for Schools Involved in Gifted Needs in Education Today. The students served by the Gifted Education Program at the middle school level are unique in both their abilities and achievements. The program recognizes and strives to provide for the diversity of the academic, interpersonal, and emotional needs of each student. 

Course Description:
The inquiry based learning used in this course of study support increased levels of complexity, ensuring high-level learning, achievement, and integrity for every student through quality classroom instruction, authentic literacy, and academic and behavior support. The essential elements of the curriculum include study centers, small groups, and individual work, in order to foster the curiosity of each student to become a life-long learner, problem solver, critical thinker, and independent thinker.
Yearly Objectives:
The Student will explore and develop:
Different approaches to solving problems, Higher level thinking skills of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation
Originality, flexibility, fluency, and elaboration in student products
To provide:
Curriculum based on the needs and interests of the students, Access to current information and/or innovative practices in fields of study, Interdisciplinary approaches to content areas, To provide an environment conducive to: Productive group and individual work in an intellectually risk-free setting by students demonstrating
Responsibility, Integrity, Discipline, Enthusiasm, Respect (R.I.D.E.R) 



In class students will demonstrate R.I.D.E.R.:
Responsibility by completing and submitting work on time and abiding by all classroom expectations
Integrity by using their own knowledge responsibly and ethically
Discipline by being prepared and focused on achieving learning goals
Enthusiasm by striving to learn and achieve at high levels while engaging in all classroom activities
Respect by treating peers, adults, and property with courtesy and consideration

Mrs. Thompson
Office Hours:  M-F:  8:30am - 9:15am

 "Together We Can!"
Learn, Achieve, Succeed, Contribute