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Course Description:  

Students will use skills of historical and geographical analysis to explore the early history of the United States and understand ideas and events that strengthened the union.  Students will learn about the history of the United States from pre-Columbian times until 1865.  Students will learn concepts in civics, economics, and geography as they study United States history in chronological sequence and learn about change and continuity in our history.  They will also study documents and speeches that laid the foundation of American ideals and institutions and will examine the everyday life of people at different times in the country’s history.


Students will daily write their homework into their agendas.  Homework is posted on the board every day in the same location.  When absent, students are expected to make-up any missing assignments, quizzes, or tests the next day.


Sandra Genberg



Team Time


Period 1

8:41- 9:28(47)



9:31-10:55 (84)

Period2Blue or Grey:

9:31-10:12 (41)

Period3Blue or Grey: 10:14-10:55 (41)




Lunch 6A 10:58-11:23

Lunch 6B 11:50-12:15

(25 min)

Period 5


Period 6


Period 7

2:04-2:55 (51)

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