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6/1- All art work and materials will be handed back in the fall to 6th graders. 8th graders if you would like your things back, please email me your high school information and I will make arrangements to get your things back to you.  

3/30- New lesson have been added to the folder:). I also wanted to share this with you all, have a lovely day:)

Please make sure your contact information is correct in Parents Vue.

I miss you all and hope you are staying safe. I've included some learning opportunities in my "files and documents" page in the upper left hand corner of the class page. If you do not have art materials at home use whatever you have available and if you are unable to do the learning exercises, you can always do virtual tours of art museums or research art work of artists you like. Some suggestions are Vincent Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Bridget Riley, Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, Franz Marc. These will not be graded as per State of Virginia/ PWCS policy. Any questions/concerns about grades will be addressed once classes resume.Spring Break (April 6-13), should be treated as such, get fresh air and spend time with your families:) I look forward to seeing you all again.

Warm Regards,
Mrs. Fonseca

Class Schedule for Virtual Schoolhouse:  

Lessons from 10:00-11:30
Virtual Office Hours 1:30-3:00


Mastery Help:

Students must master all grade-level art content, processes, and techniques to achieve an overall grade of an A.   Students are given time to practice in class along with feedback during teacher/student mini-conferences.  Ample time is given during the art-making process to improve skills before creating final pieces of artwork. It is expected that students take feedback into account before submitting final pieces of artwork for assessment. Additional feedback is given when the work of a student is assessed at a C or below.

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