I will accept retakes for any graded summative item until April 22. A parent or guardian must be present as a proctor when you take your assessment.

Prior to attempting an assessment

1. Refer to the VA DOE Standards to identify the key concepts you should understand
2. Review class notes (copies are available on Mrs. Heilen's class page)
3. Refer to my Virtual Learning page (I hope to update this as often as possible)
4. Seek better understanding via the internet on reputable sites such as Khan
5. Meet me virtually in my ZOOM office hours to ask questions

After taking an assessment

1. Email me to let me know what you did to study for the assessment.

2. You email must include the statement "I had no unfair assistance in completing this assessment". This is a pledge that you did not cheat. You know that I will offer assistance and an opportunity to earn a better grade if you did poorly. Don't sell yourself short. Parents may accommodate students with IEPs and 504s as they see fit but without giving them the answer outright.

3. Have your parent email me the statement "I proctored (your name) for (quiz name) and observed no use of unapproved assistance".

Gradebook Name  VA Standard  PowerTest Name
Families and Periods  PS4a RETAKE Periods & Families
Nuclear Energy  PS5b RETAKE Nuclear Energy
Bonding  PS3b & 4c KMP PS4c Valence Electrons and Bonding
Balancing Equations  PS4c & 5c KMP PS5c Balancing Equations
Potential & Kinetic Energy  PS6a RETAKE Potential & Kinetic Energy
Energy Conversions  PS6b & 6c RETAKE Energy Conversions
Intro to Waves  PS8a KMP PS8a Intro to Waves
Making a Wave  PS8a Making a Wave Assignment Instructions

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