All the activities listed below are meant to be done with at least 2 people.  These are an option for a different type of family activity.  Each activity is based upon different stories that can be either read at home or listened to with the story links that are provided.  *If you click on the activity it will download immediately.

1. The Lorax Game

This is a game I played with elementary students years ago but is a great lesson about resources and scarcity 

One Fine Day Bartering Activity 

This is another activity I altered from lessons of the past but it is a good introduction to what it means to barter and concepts of trade, money and resources.

3.  One Hen - Story and Game 
I found this activity on Education Week Blog and - great story followed with a board game you can print out and play!

4.  Arthur's Pet Business
I also found this activity on Education Week Blog.  I made a few modifications to it, for use at home.

****More will be added to this page as I go through my elementary economics lessons, search online and find activities I can easily convert for families with free online versions of the stories I used, for each activity