Videos You May Find Interesting and Focus on Our Learning Targets

1.  How to write a Business Letter? 

2.  The Rise of Motown Records 

3.  What is a recession? 

4.  Types of Interest 

5.  Credit Cards 

6.  Banking 

7.  Taxes 

8.  The father or Modern Economics 

9.  Online Safety 

10.  Social Media 

11.  Online Sources

12. Cyber Bullying 

13.  Digital Etiquette 

14.  Information Privacy 

15. Cloud Computing 

16.  Hackers 

17.  Malware

18.  Practice Writing in Cursive - This is the video you were emailed earlier in the marking period to practice writing your signature.  Feel free to rewatch it and practice writing your letters in cursive. 

19.  We watched this Video in class on Friday March 13
th.  It is an interesting documentary about how Lego almost went bankrupt and their drive to become the largest grossing toy maker today. 

20.  10 Self-Made Teenage Entrepreneurs

21.  7 Kids who have founded incredibly successful businesses