Missing Assignments/Makeup Work

If you look in your StudentVue and are missing any assignments feel free to look at this page for anything you may be missing.  Download the assignment and share it with me when you are finished.  My email is gettleha@pwcs.edu

1.  People Skills PowerPoint
2.  Keyboarding - Log into https://learn.aeseducation.com/ and complete the Keyboarding Module (1st learning module for the class)
3.  Ms Word Essentials
4.  Persuasive Essay - If you need an alternative assignment please let me know.  I can work with you on it.  
5.  Personal Finance Checkbook -First put the transactions in order then record into the checkbook register as either a deposit or a withdrawal from your account.
6.  Getting Started with Office 365 - Complete the worksheets and turn in.  You can work on the worksheets while reviewing the module on https://learn.aeseducation.com/ if needed.  It is the last module on the list.
7.  Career PPT - You can use my PowerPoint outline or create your own.  Research the career you are interested, find the average salary, Use mortgage and car loan calculators on the slides to help figure out monthly payments.  
8.  Company Research PPT - Research 1 of the 5 companies in the article (Coke, Amway, Disney, Starbucks or Whole Foods) and create a PPT about the company using the slide guidelines in the link.  
9.  Create Your Own Business - End of Marking Period Project:
3 grades 1-PPT, 1-Website, 1-Marketing Flyer.  Here is a helpful tutorial for creating a website using Wix.

8th Grade only Graded Assignment
Personal Finances- Shopping document - If you did not complete this assignment. Please download the attached document and email to me.  Remember to use 6% for the sales tax.  If you need help with the calculations please let me know.