Science Fair

Ronald Reagan's Science Fair and Expo is on

Wednesday, February 12, 2020.

Information and helpful links:

- Teams may consist of a maximum of 3 students.
- Click here for the Science Fair Guide
- Students are prohibited from cultivating microorganisms at home. 
- Microorganisms must be cultivated at school.  Please coordinate with your teacher.
- Vertebrate animals may not be subjected to stress, pain, or death.
- Human subjects must give informed consent.
- Protocol forms must be submitted and approved before experimentation.
- Click here for Rules for Conducting Experimentation
- Click here for Project Category Descriptions 
- Click here for Questions the Judges will ask you at Science Fair

For further information or details:
Talk to or email your Science Teacher
Email Mrs. Heilen, Science Fair Coordinator
Check the PWCS Science Fair website