The SIGNET classroom is well equipped with most materials students will need. The one requirement is that students bring their agenda to class each day. We do not have outside assignments or homework but the students need an agenda for a hall pass.

SIGNET class schedule:
8:31-9:21 - planning
9:24-10:50 - 8th grade SIGNET
10:53-11:15 - planning
11:19-12:00 - 7th grade SIGNET
12:02-12:41 - 7th grade SIGNET
12:46-1:11 - lunch
1:27-2:09 - 6th grade SIGNET
2:11-2:55 - 6th grade SIGNET

For additional information, please see our class syllabus and list of centers. 
RRMS Signet Course Syllabus 2019-20
SIGNET List of Centers

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