Review of past time activities vocabulary
ER verbs vocabulary
Quizlet - ER verbs vocabulary
Quizizz ER verbs 1
Quizizz ER verbs 2
Quizizz ER verbs 3
Quizizz verb AIMER 
Quizlet on verb avoir (to have)
Quizlet on verb être (to be)
Quizlet on family vocab
Quizizz on family vocab
video on être
video on introductions
avoir besoin de 
Notes on 
School Subjects
School subjects practice on quizlet
School subjects practice on quizizz
Subject pronouns practice on quizlet
Practice the time using quizlet and quizizz:
Quizlet study set 1
Quizlet study set 2
Quizizz practice 1
Quizizz practice 2

Apprendre le français - Quelle heure est-il ?

Dire/Demander l'heure

Learn to tell time in French

Apprendre aux enfants à lire l'heure

Apprendre l'heure en chanson

An article on telling time in French

Vocab Presentation Vocab Notes Quizlet Study the numbers up to 100 in French Numbers 0-30

Comment ça va?

Greetings videos/songs

0-30 on quizlet Quizlet page for all vocabulary Numbers videos:

New Alphabet video Au revoir Nos origins
Je m'appelle video
My name is video
Alphabet video 1
Alphabet video 2
Why learn French videoMadame Frame introducing herself
Middle school students in France greeting each other
Middle school students in France talking about their taste in music
Greetings video #1
Greetings video #2
Classroom commands in FrenchWhy study French?
Video from another French class highlighting the influence and importance of the French  language.

The French Speaking World - Le monde francophone - La francophonie

French across the world
French speaking countries
La francophonie à travers le monde
Tour du monde de la francophonie
La langue française dans le monde 2018 en image
La langue française dans le monde - Dans quels pays parle-t-on français ?

Our class quizlet page to practice concepts studied in class 

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