Dress out daily: Wake up and get dressed in something other than your PJ's.

Activity: On the bottom of the page, I will post a Couch to 5K running plan. This will go along with the track unit we started before the break. You will find 2 options for activities inside the document. The first is just to walk for 30 minutes daily. The second is the actual Couch to 5K plan - walk on the days you don't do the plan. You should pick whichever activity you feel is appropriate for your level of fitness. You can challenge yourself or not. My boys and I are choosing the running plan.

Journal Activity: On Friday of each week, reflect back on the activity you chose to complete or didn't choose. Possible writing prompts: Why did you choose the activity you did? Did you feel better having done something? Do you plan to keep up with the activity next week? What obstacles or challenges did you face?

For those of you who do anything over our time away...thank you! Stay healthy!

I can be reached by email if you need to contact me: