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Welcome to BOOST Reading in Cottage #2!

Hi Everyone!

I have added 4 resources to my Clever Page.  The Clever app can be found on the Prince William County's 365 shortcuts waffle.  Your login will be the same one you use for 365.
*Whoos Reading* is a reading app in which you can choose what to read and use the app for activities and help.
*Nesela* is a nonfiction reading app.
*Vocabulary. com* allows you to choose a book to read, and it helps you learn vocabulary with that book!
*BrainPop* allows you to learn about whatever you want using short videos.
Try one out today and let me know which are your favorites.  I'm going to order the book "Pax", and use to practice vocabulary with it.  Remember, no pressure for you!  Relax, and try exploring one of these cool apps!


The focus of BOOST Reading is three-fold: 1. Vocabulary Development through the study of Latin roots, Greek roots, and affixes. 2. Stamina-building through choice and time to read. 3. Skills enhancement through mini-lessons that coordinate with grade-level pacing guides. The class should feel relaxed, but at the same time, provide valuable instruction that will help our Mustangs appreciate the value of reading for both instructional and entertainment purposes. It will be the extra *boost* of extension or remediation that students need. A biweekly reflection will provide regular feedback and will be used to guide instruction.