Week of  May 4th -Virtual Physical Education
***National Physical Education and Sports Week***

OPEN National Field Day is May 8, 2020

TRY a FIELD DAY PACKET or Try them ALL in my VIRTUAL LEARNING link (on the left).


This year, we can’t gather together to celebrate Bike to School Day, but it’s still a great time to focus on safety, fun and community connection. We’re offering a week of ideas from May 4 to May 8 to help you do just that. Though not every idea will fit every neighborhood, we encourage you to pick among the options that make sense for your area and fit with local public health guidance. And, of course, if you can get outside for a walk or bike ride every day, great! Please help continue the strong sense of community that makes Bike to School Day so powerful by posting pictures on FacebookInstagram or Twitter and using the hashtag #BiketoSchoolDay.

Monday, May 4

INSPIRE: Decorate your sidewalk, windows or bike with signs of encouragement to bike and walk for your neighbors. For motivation to get biking, older students and caregivers can check out this inspirational video from People for Bikes.

Tuesday, May 5

PREPARE: Conduct a bike safety and helmet fit check. Do you have a bicycle? If so, have you done a basic safety check? Check the fit of your helmet and teach others in your family how to properly fit their helmets. Then, do the ABC Quick Check with help from the League of American Bicyclists. If you’re teaching a new bicyclist to ride, check out this instructional REI video for beginners.

Wednesday, May 6

GET OUT THERE: Get out for a walk or ride with your family! Can you take a test ride to your school or around your neighborhood? Or take a walk to hunt for chalk art or signs created by others near you? Share a photo of your family or a location on your route with the tag #BiketoSchoolDay.

Thursday, May 7

SHARE: Do you have safety concerns with walking or biking around your neighborhood? Learn more about who can help address those concerns using this list from PBIC and reach out.

Friday, May 8

TALK: Hold a five-minute interview with family members about their experience walking or biking. Look into online resources and biking and walking activities encouraged by your state or community transportation departments and advocacy groups.  

Spread the word by sharing this lineup and posts from our FacebookInstagram or Twitter accounts with your community! Looking for more ideas to promote walking, biking and Safe Routes to School? Check out this database from the Safe Routes Partnership.


Week of  April 20 -Virtual Physical Education

This week in the "Virtual Learning" folder.  Check out the "Create -A- Game" activity folder.  Did you ever play "Don't Touch the Lava"?  How much fun was that?!  Make up your own game including the HEALTH related Fitness Components.  Share with me by document, poster, Powerpoint, or video.  I would love to PLAY!
Stay HOME, wash your hands, and 

Week of  April 14 -Virtual Physical Education

I hope all of you are healthy, washing your hands, and staying ACTIVE.  I have created a "Virtual Learning" Folder.  In this folder, you will find the previous weeks' "at home" activities and an additional HEART RATE ACTIVITY.  Check weekly for additional activities to try.  As always, if you have questions email me at PowerMM@pwcs.edu and continue to

3/30/2020 Health and Physical Education At HOME

Over the next few weeks, stay healthy, wash your hands and stay active.  Go outside and walk, run, or ride a bike.  If you are inside, dance, yoga or workout with YouTube or a video.  If you need help, there are activities and ideas posted in the HOME ACTIVITIES folder in my Files and Documents section.  If you have questions, email me at PowerMM@pwcs.edu

Welcome to Health and Physical Education for the 2019-2020 school year.  
Contact Info     - powermm@pwcs.edu

Office Hours   -  8:15  - 9:23
8th Grade       -  9:24 - 10:48 
7th Grade       - 11:19 - 12:43
6th Grade       -  1:27 - 2:55

Students will have Health and Physical Education every other day (blue/gray day).  The goal of this class is to expose students to various physical activities/games,  and to encourage lifelong physical activity.

The first week of school you will be able to purchase Reagan Middle School PE clothes.

ShortsNavy with Ronald Reagan Logo - $10 

T-shirts: Grey with Ronald Reagan Logo - $10

We accept cash or checks (payable to RRMS).  Reagan PE clothes will be sold throughout the school year.

Students will also be issued a locker and a lock.


Each student will be given a PE lock and PE locker at the beginning of the year. Once assigned, these locks and lockers are the student’s personal responsibility. Lost locks or other locker issues should be reported to the Physical Education teacher immediately. There will be a Physical Education teacher in the locker room at the beginning and end of each class to monitor students and help with locker issues. Students will be required to replace lost or broken locks at the cost of $5.00 each.