Alert #2 
(For Math 8)


All retakes for the 3rd quarter have just been added to your powertest account.  The tests are all active.  I will leave them up and open until the 12th.  You may take any and all tests that you like (as long as you already haven't scored an A on that test in the first place.)  For those of you who may have forgotten, you can access powertest by going to the  Reagan home page, go to the Library Media Center, then click on student powertest login.  There it will ask for your student ID.  I loaded all the test for all students.  If there are any problems accessing the tests just send me an email and I'll see what I need to do on my end.

Alert #1

All Lesson for the remaining Units we did

 not have the time to cover can be found

 under the Virtual Learning tabs found on

 the left.  All practice work will be found in

your online textbook unless noted.  Any

questions or problems you may have

accessing the textbook please contact me.​

Algebra Test


8th Grade Math Test



Algebra - 8:31 - 9:21
Pre-AP Algebra - 10:51 - 11:44
Pre-AP Algebra - 12:12 - 1:04
Math 8 - 1:07 - 1:59
Math 8 - 2:02 - 2:55

Office Hours: 

8:00 - 8:30

Course Description, class materials needed, contact information 
as well as other information can be found 
in the class syllabus located in the document
tab located on the left side of this page.