Thursday, June 3, 2020

Virtual School House Week 8

This week you will begin the final project for this school year - a Scavenger Hunt for which you will create a slideshow presentation.  This project is intended to be completed over two weeks.  Part 1 - complete the 4 top scavenger hunt prompts.  Next week - Part 2 - the bottom 4 scavenger hunt prompts.
week 8
Virtual School House Week 8 Game Board


PLEASE use WORDREFERENCE.COM as your ressource to look up words.



Thursday, May 27, 2020
This week we are exploring French cuisine!  You know that French is spoken on every continent and French cuisine has influenced and been influenced by the cultures in which it comes in contact.  Let's learn more about French culture through food! 

Click on the picture below for the link to the virtual classroom.  When the PDF opens, click on the links on the white board to complete this week's tasks.

The first link on the white board is a video Madeleine and I made for you of us making a French sandwich called a Croque Monsieur.  Enjoy!

week 7


Thursday, May 21, 2020

Click on the image to access the PDF.  From the PDF - click on the white board for this week's review tasks.
virtual school house week 6

Or click here for this week's activities.


Thursday, May 14, 2020

Week 5 of Virtual School House

The learning target this week is a review of expressing likes and dislikes.

Here is the activity page I have created with all the tasks for this week to review expressing likes and dislikes.  Please let me know right away if there are any links that do not work so I can fix them.  I have triple checked that the links work but sometimes they still may not work on your end.

For music this week - to go along with the them of the activity page (images of tropical Martinique)  I have a song about when the quarantine is over and we can some day go on vacation to a tropical place - Like - Tahiti - this is Keen'V singing Tahiti - un jour j'irai à Tahiti (one day I will go to Tahiti)

Finally, the winner of Manie Musicale, Stephane Leger made a video for all the students that participated in Manie Musicale.  This video is for you!

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Week 4 of Virtual School House

Before I post the game board, I want to give you musique mercredi.  

I picked the perfect song from me to you for this week's musique mercredi.  

We started the year with Maître Gims (La même) so it is perfect to listen to him again at the end of the year.

I am of course a huge Gims fan and love ALL his music but this song is perfect for right now.  This song perfectly articulates how I feel about school closing early and not getting to finish the school year with you.  I miss you everyday.

Here is Maître Gims with Tu vas me manquer (I am going to miss you)

Virtual School House week 4 will focus on family vocabulary review. 

Here is this week's game board.

You will find all new activities and new videos!  There is a video from my friend introducing her adorable 3 year old son.  I made another Frame family video for you.  It is gloriously horrible.  Enjoy!

As always - please check in with me, let me know if you have any questions, or would like feedback.

Tu me manques mes chers élèves!!
Mme Frame


Thursday, April 30, 2020

Week 3 of Virtual School House

Following are the activities to complete for week 3 of Virtual School House.  This is another game board type document.  Following the path to complete the tasks to review past time activities in French.   The term LOISIRS means past time activities.

Click here for the document - Virtual School Week 3

EDIT - Here are the infographics from the game board, if you had trouble accessing them from the pdf:

Loisirs Infographic 1.jpg

Loisirs Infographic 2.jpg

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like feedback.


Thursday, April 23, 2020

Week 2 of Virtual School House

Here are the activities to complete for week 2 of Virtual School House:

Click here for the document which includes a game board with links - follow the path to complete review and practice of adjectives and the verb to be.

You begin on the first block and continue to the next until you complete the activities.  You may choose to do some or all.  The listening tasks are really good and the song for the week is on the game board.  Follow the path and complete the activities until you get to the last space 'take a nap'.

As always, contact me with questions or for feedback. 

BONUS - here is a second song for the week - just uploaded by Bleu Jeans Bleu - Le king de la danse en ligne.

A bientôt!


Tuesday, April 14th, 2002
I hope you were able to take advantage of spring break.   I took a break from email and enjoyed time with my family.  It was nice.

So, this week we are beginning our Virtual School house.  I'm calling it Virtual School house week 1 (catchy, oui?).  For the moment, I plan to post once a week and email once a week.  Here is the virtual school house schedule that Mr. Murgo sent out.  Per the schedule - French work can be done on Thursday from 10-11:30 and office hours with me are 1:30-3 Thursday afternoon.  You can follow the schedule or work at your own pace.  I am available Thursday afternoon but also anytime through email.

So what's up for this week?  I made a video to explain my ideas for Virtual school house week 1.  Warning - I ugly cry at the end of the video.  Woopsy - I didn't want to make another video so- I'm rolling with it. Under the video are links to Path 1, Path 2, or Path 3 depending on what you want to do this week. 

Virtual school house week 1 task options:

Path 1 - Bingo choice card review

Path 2 - Traditional review of numbers and time

Path 3 - Extension activity using numbers

As always, email me if you need anything!
Stay safe - miss you bunches!!!
Madame Frame

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Photo du jour:
photo conjugation

What do you think the message is saying?  Remember when we talked about conjugating -ER verbs?  Do you see the -ER verb conjugation?  What verb is being conjugated?

Day 8 of voting in manie musicale will continue until this evening.  This is the last vote for the first round.  Last two songs are matched up.  Word on the street is as of right now the songs are tied.

VOTE HERE for Day 8

Here is a general Kahoot for manie musicale   How many songs can you identify correctly?

A la prochaine!
Mme Frame 


Wednesday, April 1, 2020
Warning - long post:

Edit - I am totally into this poisson d'avril playlist.  It's kind of awesome.

Bonjour mes ami.e.s!

Aujourd’hui est le 1er avril, 2020 !  Aujourd’hui est le poisson d’avril en France. 

C’est quoi le poisson d’avril ?  Voilà…..

Reading - Poisson d’avril en France

I wish we were in class today, I would have taught a really fun lesson on this tradition and we would have had a lot of fun.  Please enjoy these resources I have curated for you! 

Silly poisson d’avril videos

Le single fry


For musique mercredi – a song about Les poissons!

A kahoot about poisson d’avril

Oragami poisson!

Here is a sweet French children’s book Petit Poisson Blanc

Cartoon – Tchoupi et Doudou – Poisson d’avril

Readings in French about poisson d’avril


Le petit journal français 

HERE IS Le Challenge du jour – Today’s challenge :

Print out and color a fish, cut it out, and prank a family member by sneaking and putting on their back.

Email me a pic of your poisson d’avril pranks!

AND OF COURSE – VOTE for manie musicale – today is Day 8 of voting and the last vote for the first round.  Today’s vote is Je chanterai versus Bim Bam Toi

Ezra Muqoli – Je chanterai versus

Carla Bim Bam Toi

VOTE HERE for Day 8

poisson d'avril



Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Voting will continue until 9pm for day 7 of Manie Musicale.  

VOTE HERE for day 7 - Ça va, ça vient versus Métis(se)

Here is a google slide presentation about the artists in the Manie Musicale 2020 tournament.  Do you know where Angèle is from?  Quelle est la nationalité d'Angèle?

Remember in addition to the review activities I put in the Virtual Learning documents, here is a Choice Board Bingo Card (for fun) you could do from home.

Here is a vidéo d'aujourd'hui.  Énigme du jour - Riddle for the day

If you want a daily email with fun facts in French, a song, and headlines - sign up (with your @pwcs email) for News In French


Monday, March 30, 2020

Manie musicale update - A nos héros du quotidien beat Toutes les machines ont un coeur

Voting for day 7 is Ça va, ça vient versus Métis(se)

VOTE HERE for day 7

EDIT - I needed some yoga today so here is Yoga en français - Yoga du matin and Yoga pour les enfants

Friday, March 27, 2020

Update on manie musicale  - Je danse encore beat Coton Ouaté with 63% of the vote. 

Again, here is the manie musicale site with the voting results.

VOTE HERE for day 6 which is Soprano A nos héros du quotidien versus Maëlle Toutes les machines ont un coeur.

Also - here is a funny Friday video - funny being subjective....

Bon week-end! 

*EDIT - here is a new video from Soprano for A nos héros quotidien.  I'm not crying, you're crying.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Etre quiz retake - there are students that have not taken or would like to retake the être quiz from this quarter. So, I have created 3 assignments on Microsoft teams for a retake on each section of that quiz.  There is a retake for the conjugation of être, the family vocab, and the writing portion.  Check your grade in the HUB to see if you have completed this quiz.

Please logon to teams and complete the assignment(s) you would like to retake.  You may NOT use any notes, ressources, help, etc on the retake.  You are on your honor that you did not cheat or receive any help on these retakes.  They are to be taken like a quiz in class - except it is online.  Tu comprends?  Email me if you have questions -

Also - if you have not done so - please email your paragraph about your family and your family presentation video.  Check the HUB to see if I have graded your work.  If you have no grade, I do not have your assignment(s).

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

C'est musique mercredi!  In honor of musique mercredi - vote for day 5 of manie musicale

Yesterday - Claudio Capéo beat Indila with only 52.3% of the votes!  So close.

Today - it is a tough choice imo - Je Danse Encore versus Coton Ouaté

VOTE HERE for day 5

I have updated grades and there are a number of students that have not turned in one or both of the last two assignments that are in the grade book. 

There is a writing task about your family.  Here is a copy of the assignment.  You can email me your writing to

The other task is the family presentation video.  This task is on Microsoft Teams.  Upload your video to the assignment, or upload it to OneDrive and share with me, or email me your video please.

*Edit - French challenge d'aujourd'hui - create a meme in French inspired by a song or video from manie musicale.  Below is an example (ma santé = my health).  Email me your meme and I will post it.

meme ta main


Tuesday, March 24. 2020

Voting for day 4 of Manie Musicale is still going on - if you have not already, vote it is

 Indila - parle à ta tête vs. Claudio Capéo - Ta main 


I made you a video to say "Bonjour" and to practice a little French with you.  Video is here


I also made a FLIPGRID activity if you wanted to respond to my video.  Here is the code for the flipgrid  or you could use this QR code flipgrid qr Maybe later this week we can have a ZOOM video conference just to say coucou? Miss you bunches! Mme Frame

Do NOT click on this link


Monday, March 23, 2020

I sent an email regarding grades, assignments, and continuing learning.  Currently, I am updating grades and answering emails.  Merci pour votre patience.

Today is day 4 of voting in Manie Musicale - it is Indila - parle à ta tête vs. Claudio Capéo - Ta main - 


Email Summary:
- I am working on grades.  No new assignments until after April 14.
- Go the virtual learning folder under Files and Documents for 10 days of lesson based on ER verbs.
- Complete items on this Bingo Card
- Here are other fun activities you could do:  watch TV/film with French audio, make a Tik-Tok with your favorite French music and send it to me,  watch French youtube videos:  Easy French VideosAlice Ayel videos, listen to a podcast like DUOLINGO PODCAST,  Listen and read French children's stories,

Feel free to find your own creative way to practice and learn French and share it with me!

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Angèle FLOU won with 63.5% of the vote.  Closer than I thought it would be.  Day 4 of voting will begin on Monday, March 23.  I will post the link to vote. 

Until then, here is a summary of content and SOLs covered to date.  We have been asked to post this information: Instructional calendar


Friday, March 20th, 2020 (vendredi, le 20 mars, 2020)

Pas fatigué won the second round with only 55.5%.  I hope you are able to participate in this - your vote really counts.  Here is the website for Manie Musicale 2020 if you want to see the results.

Today is the 3rd round - this is important - it is Angèle FLOU vs. Franglish PETIT DIAMANT.  You know who to vote for....



Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

Comme ci, comme ça won the first round by more than 75%!

VOTE HERE for day 2 of manie musicale de mars.

Vote for Pas fatigué, par Nassi or Laisse-les parler par Keen'V


Tuesday, March 17th, 2020

We have been asked to hold off emailing information to students and to focus on our needs and our families' needs.  I really wanted to email information on manie musicale de mars (March music madness).  Voting begins today!  I will post the voting each day. 

Today - vote for Comme ci, comme ça OR Met du respect dans ton bac. 

VOTE HERE - you can find our school listed as Ronald Reagan Middle School, Haymarket, Virginia.


If you want a daily dose of French - sign up for the this daily newsletter using your Outlook Email address.  I love their daily newsletter.  Always interesting to read plus daily music!!!!


*I will be posting daily lessons in a folder titled Virtual Learning on my Files and Documents page to provide students daily activities to complete online.

In the mean time - please create  Duolingo and Memrise accounts for yourself to study French using these online programs.

Also here are notes on ER verbs in case you need another copy....

le 9-13 mars 2020

 This week we will learn to talk about past time activities.  We will focus on verbs and how to conjugate ER verbs.  Here are some links to review and practice the content from this week:

Review of past time activities vocabulary
ER verbs vocabulary
Quizlet - ER verbs vocabulary
Quizizz ER verbs 1
Quizizz ER verbs 2
Quizizz ER verbs 3
Quizizz verb AIMER 

le 2-6 mars 2020

It has been a month since I updated our class page!  This class page has a challenging user-interface and it is difficult to quickly post things - but I will get back in the habit of updating this page weekly.  So - what have we been doing?

In French class we have been working heavily on family vocabulary.  We have learned and practiced how to present ourselves and our families in French.  Students created a family tree and practiced presenting their family members.  Students created videos of themselves presenting their families in French.

We have also been learning to use the verb être (to be) to describe others.
Here are some online links to practice the vocab and grammar we are studying:

Quizlet on verb avoir (to have)
Quizlet on verb être (to be)
Quizlet on family vocab

Quizizz on family vocab

Also - Here is a video on être, and a video on introductions

Week 6-10 janvier 2020

Bonne Année et Bonne Rentrée!

There will be a quiz on the verb avoir, the expression avoir besoin de, school supplies, school subjects and prepositions of place.  Links to practice all of these concepts are on this page (they have also been emailed to you). 

Here is practice for prepositions of place

Quizizz practice:

Quizizz homework assignment (same as practice but scored)

Go to and enter this code 450226

Week 16-20 décembre

This week we will continue to study vocabulary and expressions related to school and the classroom.

We will complete notes on school supplies.  The teacher copy is here

We will learn the expression avoir besoin de to talk about what we NEED for our classes.

We will practice and sing the chorus to the French version of Jingle Bells

We will create the final copy of our classroom story we wrote about the new student at Reagan.

Week 2-6 décembre

Bonne rentrée des vacances de l'action de grâce! Welcome back from Thanksgiving break!

This week we will continue working with Unit 2 vocabulary. We will study 2B vocabulary and learn to talk about school subjects.

There will be a quiz on Time, School Subjects, and Subject Pronouns next Monday, December 9. 

Please study your notes, quizlet, and quizizz to prepare for the quiz on 12/9.  

Notes on School Subjects
School subjects practice on quizlet
School subjects practice on quizizz
Subject pronouns practice on quizlet

Also use the links below for quizlet and quizizz practice on TIME.

Week 13 - 18-22 novembre

This week we will study how to ask for and give the time in French.  

Practice the time using quizlet and quizizz

Quizlet study set 1
Quizlet study set 2
Quizizz practice 1
Quizizz practice 2

Live homework on quizizz
Time homework practice 1 - code 361288
Time homework practice 2 
- code 482598

Videos to review time
Apprendre le français - Quelle heure est-il ?

Dire/Demander l'heure

Learn to tell time in French

Apprendre aux enfants à lire l'heure

Apprendre l'heure en chanson

An article on telling time in French


Week 12 - 12-15 novembre

We will continue to study unit 2A vocabulary. There will be a quiz on 2A vocabulary this Friday, November 15.

Practice the vocab on quizziz


Complete this vocabulary practice before Friday, November 15: Homework practice on quiziz - and enter code 850033.


Week 11 - 6 novembre to 8 novembre

  • The first week of the second quarter was only 3 days long.
  • We celebrated National French Week with a Trivia contest.
  • We began Unit 2 by working with the first set of vocabulary. We expressed if we liked or disliked doing different activities. We created actions to go with the vocabulary we heard.
  • For musique mercredi we listened to «Je te le donne» by Vitaa en duo avec Slimane


Here are our Mise en Train questions for the week:

mercredi - Comment s'appelle ton/ta camarade de classe ?

jeudi - Tu aimes faire du sport ?

vendredi - Est-ce que tu aimes faire du sport ?

Here are notes on Unit 2A vocabulary:

Vocab Presentation Vocab Notes Quizlet


Week 10 This week we took a four part quarter 1 common performance assessment. We completed the first quarter with a speaking, reading, writing, and listening assessment. Students did a fabulous job! I am so proud of each of you! For musique mercredi we listened to Indila's «Dernière Danse» We celebrated the end of the first quarter with a crêpe day. On Friday we talked about the holiday La Toussaint, made tissue paper flowers and ended the day with the Quarter Bash.


Week 9 This week will be taking a quiz on numbers to 100 - on Wednesday 10/23. Please use quizlet and quizizz to study the numbers. We will also prepare for and begin our Quarter 1 Benchmark on Friday 10/25. Students will receive the study guide in class. Please use quizlet and quizizz as well as studying your notes and cahier to prepare for the benchmark. The Quarter 1 benchmark will include listening, reading, writing, and speaking sections. Each section will be given separately. Here are the dates each section will be given in class:

Friday, October 25                              Listening

Monday, October 28                           Reading/Speaking

Tuesday, October 29                          Writing/Speaking

Wednesday, October 30                     Speaking

Week 8 - This week we studied numbers 0-100
- We sent our first letter to our pen-pal in Martinique - We played games to practice and learn the numbers up to 100 - For music mercredi we listened to a classic French song by George Brassens called « Chanson d’automne » - For National Day on Writing on Friday we wrote cinquaine poems about our favorite season.

Links - use quizlet to study the numbers to 100 (quiz on numbers Wednesday, October 23 in class)

Study the numbers up to 100 in French Week 7

-This week we completed our first task for our pen-pal in Martinique. We turned our letters in on Friday and Madame will scan and email them to the teacher in Martinique.

-We practiced expressions and commands for the classroom in French and played Simon dit

- We practiced asking for and giving our age and birthday in French.

- We practiced reading and writing in French through running dictations in class.

- For musique mercredi we listened to Canadian artist Gabrielle Goulet sing « Juste toi »

- We read another infographic about age and screen time and completed a comprehension task for a formative grade.

Week 6


- This week we worked on our first correspondence with our pen-pal in Martinique, an email.  We picked our pen-pals and will be sending our first correspondence next week.
- We read an info-graphic on Screen Addiction and completed comprehension activities about the info-graphic.  We also ran our first running dictation based on the reading. -We took a quiz on numbers 0-30 and greetings. - For musique mercredi we listened to Kids United sing « Mama Africa » - We practiced asking and giving our age and asking and saying where we were born through speaking activities in class. 

Week 5

-This week practiced numbers 0-30 to prepare for a quiz on numbers.

-We finished research on a French speaking country and turned in our research posters on Friday.

-For musique mercredi we listened to Angèle’s « Tout Oublier »

- We began our Martinique pen-pal exchange with our first writing task - Email #1

- There is a quiz on numbers 0-30 and greetings on Monday, September 30th Please use the following links and resources to develop proficiency with numbers and French greeting vocabulary

Study the vocabulary on our quizlet class page

Numbers ressources:

Numbers 0-30

Practice I can identify the numbers


Comment ça va?

Greetings videos/songs

Week 4


-This week we wrote and performed informal and formal greeting dialogues.

- We learned how to count to 30 in French and give our phone number.

- We learned the meaning of La Francophonie (The French speaking world or Francophone world) and we chose a Francophone country and began to research on this country.

- For musique mercredi we listened to « Mon precieux » by Soprano

Practice the numbers 0-30 on quizlet Practice vocabulary we are learning on our quizlet page Quizlet page for all vocabulary Numbers videos:


New alphabet video -Username - PRINCEWMR , password - County
The French Speaking World - Le monde francophone - La francophonie


French across the world
French speaking countries
La francophonie à travers le monde
Tour du monde de la francophonie
La langue française dans le monde 2018 en image
La langue française dans le monde - Dans quels pays parle-t-on français ?

Francophone world project 

Week 3

-In class this week we practiced and took our listening and speaking assessment on the French alphabet. - We turned in our first formative assignment - J’apprends le français parce que poster - We watched a video presenting different ways to say « Au Revoir »  - For musique mercredi we listened to « Sur Ma Route » by Black M - We watched a video with middle school students in France talking about their nationalité and heritage. - We started a partner activity writing two greetings dialogues.


New Alphabet video Au revoir Nos origins


Week 2:

- In class this week we learned to ask and answer the question "How are you?" in French using Comment ça va ? and Comment allez-vous ?
- We examined the French alphabet and talked about the parts of the mouth and throat we use when we speak French.
-For musique mercredi we listened to the song «Papaoutai» by Stromae.
- We talked about reasons why French is important in the world and why we should study the language. 
-You were assigned your first formative assessment task for which you will create a poster showing reasons why you are studying French. Assignment due Tuesday, 9/10

Videos and assignment listed below.


Videos and internet links:
Greetings video 1
Je m'appelle video
My name is video
Alphabet video 1
Alphabet video 2
Why learn French video

I'm learning French because assignment
Examples of poster assignment - I'm learning French because/J'apprends le français parce que

Week 1: 


  • In class this week we learned to greet each with Bonjour and Salut!
  • We learned to give our name using Je m'appelle _________.
  • We learned to follow classroom commands in French.
  • We watched videos of middle school students in France greeting each other and we talked about similarities and differences between middle schoolers in France and students at Reagan Middle School.
  • For Musique Mercredi we listened to the song «La même» by Maître Gims and watched a video about middle schoolers in France talking about what type of music they like and dislike.

Links to videos we watched:
Madame Frame introducing herself
Middle school students in France greeting each other
Middle school students in France talking about their taste in music
Greetings video #1
Greetings video #2
Classroom commands in French