Bienvenue au cours de Français I
Madame Frame



Virtual Learning:

Please check the class notes page for regular updates and announcements.

Go the Virtual Learning folder under files and documents for 10 days of lessons reviewing ER verbs.

Go to the Useful Links page to review content already presented in class.

virtual schedule

2019-2020 Schedule:
Period 1 - EL support Civics 8
Period 2 - Planning
Period 3 - EL support Social Studies 7
Period 4 - Lunch and Planning
Period 5 - French 1
Period 6 - French 1
Period 7 - French 1

Office Hours
I am available beginning at 7:30 in the morning, during 2nd lunch, or after school.  Please make an appointment with me at least a day before to ensure that I do not have a conflict.  

Composition Book
Writing Utensils
Dry Erase Marker
Glue Stick

Course description:
This is a communication-based class. That means you will be graded on the French
language that you can understand (through listening and reading) and produce (through speaking and writing). The focus is on whether or not you can understand or be understood by a native French speaker. The focus is NOT on perfection! To be successful in this class, you need to be willing to try even when you aren't sure (and there will be plenty of those times.) Mistakes are an important part of learning!

This is not the traditional world language class
where students memorize vocabulary lists and
verb conjugations. Yes, we will do a little bit of
that, but the majority of our class will be actually
communicating in French! Research shows
that using the language to communicate (in
meaningful and comprehensible ways) is the
most effective way to learn the language.

Please review the course syllabus for more information about our goals, learning targets, and topics of study.