On the banner to the left are various links that may be used both inside and outside of the classroom. Students are able to navigate these pages to learn more about the various topics being discussed in class. 

Practice Math and Language Arts Skills will take you to IXL where students can complete practice problems for topics being taught in class, review old topics, or learn a new topic! Please note that if your child is not getting these questions correct, an explanation is provided for each question. 

Video Explanations and Practice Problems
will take you to Khan Academy! Khan Academy provides more lengthy, in-depth video explanations of topics and provides practice problems. Please note that this website may provide your child with additional information that we may not be covering in class and could be more advanced. 

SOL Review Games will take you to SOLPass where students can access various games that reinforce the skills taught for specific SOL's. At the end of a unit, students should be able to complete each of these games. If your child struggles to do so, please encourage them to review the topic using their notes! 

Vocabulary Review will take you to Quizlet where students can access various tools such as "flashcards", self-assessments, matching and a few other review activities that will assist them with learning the vocabulary used in each unit. 

Quiz/Test Review
will take you to Kahoot where students can use access reviews for quizzes and tests. You can download the Kahoot! app on any device. Sometimes an access or "challenge" code is required in order for your child to participate. If this occurs, please let me know and I will provide you with a unique code for your child.

For each of these websites, your child has a unique username and password. If your child does not remember their password, please contact me and I will get those to you as quickly as possible.


Target Calendars

Please view the linked grade-level calendars below. The pace in my classroom may vary therefore specific dates may be different depending on my students' needs. Please continually check my class page for any posted due dates.

6th Grade: 
- History:

- Math: 

- Science: 

- Language Arts: 

7th Grade: 
- History: 

- Math: 

- Science: 

- Language Arts: