5/8 Update - 
Thank you to all of you who have been participating!  HERE is the link to the information on the GMU Research opportunity.  

4/14 - Update

hope all of you are doing well!  We start our officially unofficial distance learning this week!  Please remember that these are all optional, including office hours.  Details for Zoom Office Hours will be posted in Teams.  Since we are unable to provide you any new material, we are going to use this time to challenge you with various STEM activities and review Life Science to help preview Biology for you in the fall

Week #1 - STEM Kite Challenge

Week #2 - Cell Structure and Function
Week #3 - STEM Choice Challenge - Music Maker or Hot Air Balloon
Week #4 - Mitosis
Week #5 - Genetics
Week #6 - STEM Choice Challenge - Car or Catapult
Week #7 - Biomes, Adaptations, and Relationships in Nature
Week #8 - Roller Coaster or The Deadly Picnic
Week #9 - Vision and Eye Dissection

Below you will find review materials for each content area for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.
Scientific Investigations
Answer Key

Grade 6
Weather and Climate
Solar System
Energy in Earth's Atmosphere
Earth's Water Resources
Answer Key

Grade 7
Cell Growth and Reproduction
Cell Structure and Function
Classification of Organisms
DNA and Heredity
Ecosystems and Biomes
Energy Flow and Cycling of Matter
Environmental Change Over Time
Evolution and Genetic Variation
Interactions in Populations and Communities
Life Processes and Cellular Organization
Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration
Answer Key Life Science

Grade 8
Structure and Organization of Matter
Thermal Energy and Heat
Answer Key - Chemistry

Forms of Energy and Transformations
Longitudinal Waves and Sound
Transverse Waves and Light
Work Force and Motion
Electricity and Magnetism
Answer Key Physics