Assignments for 3rd quarter. Below is a list of work we have worked on in class and graded for completion. I have added a  account
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1. African American Video 1-2 min long Search for 
2.  African American and write a 1 page report about the person and video tape it. We have been working on the research in class  2 Formative grades and the video is 1 summative grade 1 min long.

3rd assignment.  perform a speech 2-3 min it can be from someone African the same person or a different person. tape the speech. 

4th find a poem and memorize 2 stanza's video tape it
5th Read an  entire poem on video.   it should be 1 -2 min long. 

Many student's do not want to talk in font of their peers. so they were able to work with their peers to complete the work or send it to me. and share the information with each other.  
I have set up a flipgrid .com account  for students. 

We started the assignment below at the end of Feb, Many students are  already have it done. 
 The assignments we started the assignments in February and many students have not completed the work. 
The classes are working in groups to produce and write a 1 act play.
8th grade 6-8 min long 
7th  grade 4-7 min long 
6th grade  4-6 min  long
with dialog and a play bill  Characters 
Setting and a brief description of the play in the play bill. 
Using a plot diagram to tell part of the story. 
Characters in the play, design for the playbill 
Writers of the play 
Cover  with the dialog inside
Video the play using the script.
Dialog the conversation in the script.
Who plays what parts use your parents and siblings to complete the work. . 
Thank you for your help
Howard C. Hamilton