Hi all!

I’m so sorry that I will not see you for the rest of the school year. However I really want to encourage you to continue cook, bake, organize, clean, and eat healthy. Remember the six nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy and My plate, where you can find the five food groups and how they should be grouped on your plate for healthy eating. Keep in mind how to keep your food safe to eat, and how to keep your hands and kitchen the cleanest it can be! Please stay safe. I miss you. I'm thinking about you. Enjoy time with family and I am looking forward to seeing you next school year :)

Please  keep cooking, baking, and safely experimenting in the kitchen! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or would like to send me pictures.

*Before we left school 6th grade had started their Myplate Project and 8th Grade Started a Food Truck Project. I will post both of these in files. If you would like to continue to work on these projects feel free, however they will not go towards your grades. All activities I post in documents and files are for you to pick and choose from. As of now no new work will be assigned until April 14th.

*Please see Useful Links for 6th and 8th grade FACS competencies

FACS Online Learning-Try and complete at least 3-4 boxes a week! Send an email/picture to me each week when complete. 

Design Your Own Restaurant-Take 5 days to complete the restaurant project! Send picture when compete if you can!

Hello Reagan students and parents! My name is Mindy Warmbrunn and I will be teaching 6th and 8th grade FACS this year. This is my second year at Reagan and I absolutely love working here! I look forward to working with each and every one of you.

Course Description: 

This course is broken into the following 3 sections:

1. Clothing Care- Students will learn the basics of clothing care. At the end of this unit students will complete an at-home laundry project. The students will also complete a hand sewing project during this section of the class.

2. Food and Nutrition- During the Food and Nutrition unit students will practice the following skills: Kitchen Safety; Sanitation, Reading Recipes, Measuring Techniques, Components of a healthy meal using “My Plate”.

3. Successful Me- During this section of the class the students will be exposed to various topics to help them to succeed as an individual, student, family member, and community member (Time-management, goal setting, family relations, organization & communication skills).

Office Hours: 1:30pm-3:00pm