Mr. Justin M. Christopher
US History 1 
6th Grade
Team Mason

Welcome to US History to 1865!  We're looking forward to another productive year with our 6th graders!  Please check out the course syllabus and preview other important course materials at the Files and Documents page.  Our monthly Target Calendars will give you an idea of our pacing and what we'll be learning about each week!  The class Calendar will be synced with the announcements made through SLMS, stay tuned for updates!

2019-20 Class Schedule
Homeroom (Mustang Time) 8:15-8:43
1st Period 8:44-9:31
2nd Period 9:34-10:21  
3rd Period 10:24-11:15
LUNCH 11:18-11:43
4th Period 11:46-12:33
5th Period 12:36-1:23
6th/7th Periods = Planning and Meetings Time/Office Hours

Extra Help Time: 7:30-8:00

UPDATE 3/23 - As of now, no new assignments can be presented to classes.  Please refer to the Revised Target Calendar for review activities for the remainder of March/April until Spring Break.  Use the "Virtual Learning" folder in Files and Documents for instructions how to access the review assignments. 
  Reminder: All class notes and study guides can be found on Mr. Christopher's class webpage in the "Files and Documents" section.  Also, don't forget to reference the Target Calendar to see what we will/would be learning about from day to day.