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Hello, my name is Karena Carlson.
If you would like to contact me, you can email me at or you can call me at 571-402-3500.
 For Spanish speakers, ask for Ms. Roman.

Period 1 - ESOL Concepts
Period 2 - ESOL Concepts
Period 3 - Planning/Lunch
Period 4 - Language Arts 6 with Stevens
Period 5 - Language Arts 8 with Reed
Period 6 - Language Arts 7 with Berg
Period 7 - Planning

Office Hours:  I am available before and after school by appointment.  Tutoring is available on Tuesdays after school in room 1202.  To see me during office hours, please make an appointment with me at least 24 hours in advance to ensure I do not have a conflict. 

Course Description
:  Students will develop their English skills in speaking, writing, reading, and listening. This class will serve as a support for Language Arts and social studies or will serve as a solid background to help the students succeed in content area classes.

Materials Needed for Class:
- Folder

- Pens/pencils

- 3 ring binder

- Positive attitude 

For more information about our ESOL Concepts class please check out the course syllabus